The World Awaits!!

The Earth may be 70% water but the rest is land and that means there are a LOT of places to visit!  There’s no better classroom than the world, no better education than taking a walk through history. What’s on your bucket list of travel dreams?


For Americans, Europe tends to be lead the pack when it comes to dream destinations. Probably because there are just so many spectacular places to visit, each with its own charm and culture, that you can go back year after year and still not see all you want.

Each regions of Europe is unique and offers visitor so many options and choices.

Incredible Destinations

Wherever your travel dreams are, we’ll help you arrange them.  Every aspect of your trip will be carefully planned and coordinated.  As travel agents, we have travel resources available to us that are not available to you online.  These tools allow us to find you cheaper rates on flights, hotels, car rentals, and much more.  Check with our agents here at Lori French Travel Services before you click, it costs you nothing.

Allow us to find your dream destinations.